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Old Academic Building

Mazepa building restoration has started

We have started new big step in Mazepa building restoration.

In the past few years we have done architectural project papers and have approved them according to the law. In parallel we have applied for the funding of this project important not only for the University, but for the whole Ukraine. And in 2019 state funding was allocated for the restoration.

In 2019 we will restore the roof and constructions of the building.

Overall restoration will last till 2022 with condition of funding available

18 centure frescos are protected for the time of building restoration.
We are taking the forms of plaster decoration from 1813-15, as well as 19 century parquet.
We have found surprising artefacts under the floor of Congregation hall. There is a layer of construction waste from 1800ies under the floor which contains letters, elements of plaster desoration etc. All objects are passed to the university museum.

НаУКМА 2011 - 2017

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We have started new big step in Mazepa building...

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