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Old Academic Building

Restoration of Old Academic (Mazepa) building starts

First stage of Old Academic (Mazepa) Building restoration starts financed from state budget.   

Books, archives, paintings being packed and moved to other premises of the University.


First stage of restoration includes strengthening and hydroizolation of basements and walls. Open tender took place and agreement is signed with contruction company. Works preparation and process of getting necessary periossions have started. 

Architecture restoration project company "UkrNDIproektrestaratsia" conducts additional building research, analyses and preparation of further restoration project documentation.

Artists research frescos. According to documents from 1817 there were 6 frescos on ground floor of the building. Three of them were painted with a unique technique , which can be found in Kyiv only in Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, St.Sopihia Cathedral or St. Cyrill's church. Three others were severely damaged with a fire in 1811 and painted over with oil paint in 1820-s.



Frescos were researched in 1992. Fiev of them were open to the public till recently.

July 11, the last sixths fresco was open and researched. It will be closed for the period of restoration of the building. Artists are to present their proposal for frescos restoration.


You can find more information on buildingd frescos here:


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