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Old Academic Building

Restoration 2017


   June 26, library packing                              July 4, Researched fresco      July 10, Library packing



Jujy 11, Hidden fresco openning                   Oncovered fresco "Christening"  July 12, Taking samples for tests


August 15, Library relocation                        August 17, Cracks open                                August 22, Injections to strengthen walls



August 22, Damaged brick replacement         August 30, facades injections preparation      September 1, Damaged brick removed


September 19, Facades walls strengtheing  September 19, Old bookshelves removal  Septembe 20, Ceiling strengthening


September 21, found  books behind shelves   September 21, Damaged brick replaced October 2, closing lower walls


Oct.10, Injected ceiling  Oct.06, replacing damaged brick  Oct.06 preparing facade works


Oct.18 Facade Strength  Oct 18, Injected ceiling   Oct.18 Protected fresco


Oct.19 Facades   Oct.27 State of wall in Congregation Hall   Oct.30, Preparations to hydroizolation


Nov.3, Strengthening Congregation Hall walls , Nov.10, Coal delivery canale  Nov.11, 19 century oven discovered


Nov.28, Arches reinforcement, Dec.12, Reinforced doorway in Congregation hall




Restoration and project documents were done with state funding, while relocation of library and other departments with university funding

НаУКМА 2011 - 2017

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