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Old Academic Building


Renewal of the historic landmark buildings in Kyiv-Mohyla Academy will be a testament to the fact that Kyiv and Ukraine possess, respect and preserve their own cultural and educational shrines, like Cambridge or Oxford in Great Britain, Sorbonne in Paris or Jagiellonian University in Krakow.
Vyacheslav Briukhovetsky, Kyiv-Mohyla Academy Honorary President

Celebrating its 395th anniversary on October 15, 2010, Kyiv-Mohyla Academy announced the launch of the Restoration campaign, aimed at raising funds for restoration of 11 unique buildings of 17th-19th centuries located on the University’s premises. Fundraising event took place in 2011.

Since its revival in 1992, Kyiv-Mohyla Academy singly, without having any support from the state, has kept the buildings out of decay, providing active and persistent fundraising for the most urgent maintenance and remedial works. Launching the ambitious Restoration Project, the University not just continues activity for renovating the physical state of the buildings, but also performs a socially important task attracting public attention to understanding of the process of historical monuments renewing as a weighty matter of state, and the University campus at Podil – as an important legacy for the whole Ukrainian nation.

Organizational and financial efforts of a single University are not enough to save the unique buildings. Within the bounds of fundraising company, NaUKMA  works with:

  • • Government bodies – Cabinet of Ministers, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Science and Education, The Preservation of Monuments Board (PMB), Ministry of Economics;

  • • Ukrainian and international charity foundations and institutions;

  • • Ukrainian business structures;

  • • Ukrainian Diaspora;

  • • Wide public and private individuals in Ukraine and abroad.

Transparency of the fundraising company and restoration works is provided by:

  • • Reports to the NaUKMA Board of Trustees

  • • NaUKMA web-site / Restoration Project, displaying the process of fundraising, restoration works progress, informing about all the contributory events and delivering promotion materials of the campaign

  • • Informative mailouts to donators and partners

  • • Reports for allocated funds to donators

  • • Media partnership

Financial partners:

International Charity Foundation of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy Renaissance (Ukraine, Kyiv) )
Kyiv-Mohyla Foundation of America (USA, Chicago))

NaUKMA successful restoration projects:

Tetiana and Omelian Antonovych’s Library
The Saint Spirit Church

Cells of Brotherhood’s Monastery


НаУКМА 2011 - 2017

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6 August, 2017

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