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Old Academic Building

Stucco frescos of Old Academic Building

Stucco frescos of 17-18 century are very rare in Kyiv today. Frescos of this type have survived only in Kyiv Lavra, and certain elements in St.Sophia cathedral and St.Cyril church, and in Kyiv-Mohyla Academy.

Frescos discovered during research in 1992 in classrooms of the ground floor of Old Academic building:  




"Transfiguration of God"

Fresco, as all others was overed with several layers of paint. It is one of the most damaged.




Virgin is standing on the sphere, and she is stepping on the dragon. This is very are type of an icon, typical fo baroque painting. Possibly, this is an illustration to a Byble words that "Virgin will give a birth to a god, and a devil will fight not only the son, but his mother as well".





Virgin's head and hand, Angel's head are painted over with oil after the fire of 1811. 







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